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Access the Library from off Campus: How To

All of the electronic resources listed on the library web site can be accessed from off campus by current students, faculty, and staff. (Alumni may access Atla Religion Database, e-books, and some other resources via the Alumni Portal. See the guide on alumni resources for further information.) When accessing electronic resources from off campus, you will be required to log in to the Covenant Seminary E-Resource Gateway.

Logging in to the E-Resource Gateway

Covenant E-Resource Gateway

  1. Find the resource that you want to access in one of the database lists on the library web site, and click on its name.
  2. If you are off campus, the E-Resource Gateway log-in Screen will appear.
  3. Enter your last name in the first input box.
  4. Enter your library ID card number (ending with “CS”) in the second input box (e.g., 1536X710CS).
  5. Click the “Log In” button.

As long as your library account is up to date, you will then be taken to the resource that you chose.

Don’t Know Your ID Card Number?

If you don't have an ID card, you can look up your library ID card number in My CTS. Once you have logged in to My CTS, click or tap your account menu (your name) and choose My Profile. Your profile and settings will be displayed, including your Library Card Number.

My CTS Launchpad My CTS Profile

If You Have Trouble Logging in

Here are some of the possible error messages that may come up as you use the E-Resource Gateway. Don't hesitate to contact the library whenever you experience any difficulties.

The library system appears to be temporarily unavailable.

This error means that the E-Resource Gateway is having trouble communicating with the library’s user database and thus can't verify your identity. This is usually a temporary problem that resolves itself after a short amount of time. Please be patient and try accessing the resource again at a later time.

Your library account has expired.

This error means that your library privileges have lapsed—most likely because you are not currently enrolled in a class. In accordance with the required licensing agreements, we can only provide access to e-resources to students who are currently enrolled in at least one class. If you have enrolled in a class but are still denied access due to an expired library account, please contact the library for assistance.

Your account does not have authorization to access this resource.

The research databases are only available to current students, faculty, and staff of the Seminary. If you get this error, then it means that the login information that you provided is not associated with one of these authorized account types. If you are a currently active student, faculty, or staff member, then contact the library for assistance.

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